Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Game Highly Compressed Download For Pc

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time PC Game Free Download

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Game Highly Compressed Overview

You are Find the compressed version of the prince of persia sands of time I can says that you are the right place now.I have the upload the files are totally compressed version of the game price of persia sand are upload to our website.When was the last time you picked your PC up and threw it out the window( without opening the window first)? Or maybe you can flash back the last time you stood up and walked down from your PC. stopping only to regard back and yell abuse at it before walking out of the room in nausea. Or perhaps you can flash back picking up a veritably large dismissal and playing the offending PC to pieces with an evil grin on your face? No? If all of this seems alien to you. easily, you have noway played the ongmal Prince Of Persia.

While POP is relatively correctly recognised as one of the stylish platform games of all time, it’s also lower fondly flashed back as one of the most frustrating game gests ever. Not just bloody tough, it also had a cautioning time limit in which you had to complete the thing, and you could n’t indeed save in some situations. One inadequately timed platform vault, one failed runjump or unblocked brand attack, and it was game over, a disappointing splat noise the only price for your gargantuan sweats. It says a lot for the playability of the game that despite all this it still earned a place in the each- time topmost platform game hall of fame.You can download here Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones

Game Reviews:

This game has a good, intriguing and fascinating story that fails to disappoint and pulls many surprising twists you’ll never see coming. The build up, the tension makes for a great story that is worthy to be followed through all the way to the end. The game has a fantastic protagonist who fits the overall theme and mood for the game and is a joy to play as. The gameplay is superb, the parkour is smooth, functioning and fantastic. The Controls are easy to use and easy to change. The environment, setting and backdrop for the game is highly detailed, sharp and gorgeous immersing the player deep into the game’s atmosphere and world. The game has a terrific soundtrack that is great to listen to and adds to the intensity of the game. Enemy AI is good, fighting and combat flows well, feels good and works all the time. The developers clearly have a good sense of design as the game’s layout both in game and menu is mind blowing and looks good. The game is available on multiple platforms and is easy to play on any console or system. The game is very puzzling and really puts the players intelligence to the test, the protagonists ability to rewind time is incredible and rare for a game made in 2003!

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Gameplay

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a puzzle platformer that is based on action-adventure. The main protagonist is controlled by the player who is a player with no name from a Persian kingdom. The environment can be seen all through the perspective of a third person. The view of the camera can be changed to various positions which can get triggered by getting into some areas and performing different activities.

The movement of the prince can be changed in every direction and he can manipulate all big objects like levers and books linked with a different mechanism. His power and health meter can be represented in the corner of the top left on the screen. The prince can restore his health by drinking water which is collected from fountains and pools.

Accumulating sands can increase the power of the prince and intake of water from unrevealed magic fountains can increase the maximum health of the prince. At many points throughout the game, the prince is helped by his friend Farah, who can fire a bow towards his enemies though all the arrows can be hitting the prince if he is willing to stray into the fireside. Monsters can attack her and the game will end once she gets killed.

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Free Download Full VersionDownload Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Highly CompressedDownload Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Game For PC


We are working on this game continuously to fix bugs, improve its optimization and increasing thousands of new features in it. I hope that you got the complete idea about the interior of this game from the screenshots of this installment which are given above. You cannot imagine the criteria of this game before installing this game because there is much more than its exterior look. There are the millions of followers of this game in the social media websites like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. I have already played this game many times and never bored during playing. I hope when you play this game so enjoy it after playing and refer to your friends and relatives about this awesome game.

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Free Download For PC is an impressive game for any Platform so the installation process is very easy, You don’t need to panic and hesitation during installation. If you feel any problem during instalment, you can ask in the comment section. There are many other ways of installation but this installation is one of the impressive and easy. This game covers all the categories which you want like, Strategy, adventures and entertainment.

Features of Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Game Highly Compressed:

  • Interesting Action Game.
  • Easy to download with a simple interface.
  • All famous wrestling players are the part of Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time game
  • HD Quality graphics and 3D Audio sound system
  • All stages are unlocked
  • Easy to play and understand
  • Many more amazing features and modes
  • All types of combat are available
  • Different wonderful tasks to play.

System Requirements For Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time:

  • 02 GB minimum RAM.
  • Minimum 4 GB video card should be available with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers ( “GeForce» or better) installed.
  • Keyboard and mouse.
  • DirectX 9.0 or later.
  • Intel Celeron 800 MHz or 1,2 GHz or 1.2 GHz AMD Duron 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon.
  • Sound Card DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers.
  • 01 GB free disk space is required as a minimum (Plus 635 MB extra space if video card does not support DirectX Texture
  • Compression).
  • Windows 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP or Vista.

Recommended Requirements For Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time:

Before you start Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3550 / AMD FX 8150
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Setup Size: 7 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 7 GB

How to Download and Install Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time?

  • First of all, you have WinRAR software installed in your PC
  • After that extract game with WinRAR software
  • You also have Ultra ISO Software installed in your Computer
  • Then Mouth  Image of the game file and run the setup of the game
  • Now install the game, Play and Enjoy
  • If you face any problem, watch the tutorial below complete.

This is the installation process of Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Game free download for PC with 100% working and direct single link. So hurryup download Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time game from here, play and enjoy.

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